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Ok I had a few beers but that's beside the point. I have a story...

So I go to get my haircut today at 1:30 and the person who is suppose to cut my hair is still cutting someone's hair at like 1:45 I am like ok w/e. Finally they get finished and then they move in like slow motion still talking to get up and pay for the haircut. Meanwhile I'm sitting there saying every curse word in my head such as "Holy **** shut up and move faster you dumb bitch). Then finally she gets to the counter and she pulls her purse taking like 5 minutes since she is talking about random crap that noone cares about. Then next thing I know she pulls out a ******* check book! A ******* check book, what is this 1946? So while talking she takes like another 5 minutes to sign the check and fill out the amount. Then they talk about dumbshit for another 5 mintues. I'm sitting there like holy **** it's my last saturday before school starts I have something better to do. So finally I'm in the chair about to get my haircut. Then my hairdresser makes some dumbass joke about having to go to the bathroom such as "Hehe I have to go to the bathroom or otherwise I'd be cutting your hair in a puddle". I'm thinking holy crap wtf is up with this place. 15 mins later my hair is cut and I leave. Note to self don't go back there.

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