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Originally Posted by QuackAttack View Post
Cindy comes from a strong judo background and just defeated Coenen who was 16-2 at the time. Defeating the then #1 female fighter in the featherweight division in her first MMA fight takes some talent, imo. But you're probably going to argue that just makes the division weaker. However, that's not the point I was trying to make. The point was that there is plenty of fighters in Gina's weight division to "cherry pick" from, which you argued against. Gina could have decided not to take the fight with Cyborg and continued to pad her record, but she didn't.
Do you even know if she had a choice? if you hadn't noticed scott coker aint really trying to build fighters that already have name recognition..If there is an opportunity to do the money match at the next event he will make it happen like armageddon was 2tomorrow. Whether its lack of depth or the non exclusive contract structure, its just the way he runs things.I remember when strikforce bought elite xc contracts and gina held out (while in hibernation)..And he used the football analogy that summer camp has started and she is no where to be seen..How much do you want to bet that was about refusing to fight cyborg unless her salary matched the mens..Not really a fearless warrior that will take on all comers is she..More like a woman looking for as much as she can get using the cyborg situation to negotiate a new deal probably hoping that coker wouldn't cave in to her lofty demands and she could use that as an excuse not to fight..

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