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Originally Posted by DropKick View Post
At least she gets better XP now. It could be worse.
Holy crap is the XP nice, we were playin last night for a while, easy quests were netting us close to 3k xp, at level 18. if we wernt dilly dally'ing so much, and i didnt go to the wrong area for a quest so many times we coulda done better. i went from 15 to 21, and she went from 13 to 20. one quest that dropped of a rare spawn in the barrens got us 7200xp.

here are my 80's pally in his not so great ret gear. my holy set much better, but im grinding dailies and quests in storms peaks with him so ret much easier for that. lock. who is in need of some lovin again. went into a BG where i used to dominate hard core, and came up against a group of allies with very high resil, as i was basically doing nothing to them... my chaos bolt would crit for 10-14k, against them my crits were lucky to hit 7k.. all my damage was reduced by atleast a 3rd.... made me sad and hunter who i have only done 1 instance in northrend.... accually that 1 of only 3 ive done with him in the whole game.. lol

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