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Originally Posted by Halebop View Post
Maynard is a no brainer for me as Coldcall said Huerta has been in H-wood too long. Huerta doesn't want to fight anymore, OK, I still like the guy. I certainly wouldn't wish something awful on him like prison **** or a televised fight with Gray Maynard but nobody asked me. I like this fight I bet the odds are going to be fantastic maybe even something like Maynard -115. If Huerta is favored and you are looking for me, I'll be the excited guy with shit in his pants.

I can't get any traction with this argument but I'll try again. DIAZ NEEDS TO MOVE UP IN WEIGHT. Sorry, I know for 99% of fighters the answer is to move down but not for Diaz and certainly not for the now defunct Corey Hill.

Diaz is not strong enough at 155. This was not a problem before Clay Guida showed everyone how to exploit it. Guillard is going to boot-stomp Diaz because of his strength. Yes, Joe Daddy guillotined Guillard in 19 sec. Is Guillard more experienced now? Who cares? Joe Daddy gets huge torque coz he's compact and Guillard could probably KO Diaz while in his guillotine.

Melvin showed patience in his last fight but I think he will take Diaz's back, move him up against the cage, hurt him with hooks until Diaz half-daze rolls only to get KO'd with GNP. If he catches Melvin in a submission, Melvin will pull out of it because the strength balance couldn't be less skewed in his favor.

Diaz needs to move up in weight so that he doesn't get manipulated to the embarassing degree we see at 155. Guida showed what to do and it is easy to do it.
Well we know someone's been watching Imagination Station.
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