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Originally Posted by coldcall420 View Post
So whats the consensus here...besides her tits are huge and no one cares about the shirt unless it was gone......

Should people who use Explorer change to FireFox and why???

Try Firefox and you will see. Don't listen to the haters. It IS faster and everything displays fine for me. Plus you can get kickass add ons like adblock which I love. Never look at ads again!

Originally Posted by shatterproof View Post
Well, not for nothing but small business owners in America alone would save $198 million a year if everyone just used IE. Source: NIPOMA Institute

seriously though... if FF dropped off the face of the earth (al la Netscape) the only people who'd care would be a handful of brooding middle-aged programmers, mac posers who like the mac logo more than the OS or safari and, i guess, a couple people in this thread. haha.

Use FF if you don't mind upgrading it every day or two, and don't care if the websites you're looking at don't display/work how they were designed to, and of course if you hate small business owners. hah. Use IE otherwise.
Man such hate lol. I love my Firefox. So in order to love small businesses you have to use the software made my a megacorporation that bullies small businesses on a daily basis and runs them out of business...interesting concept.

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