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Originally Posted by shatterproof View Post
fu*k that, IE isnt perfect but FF is clownshoes. Safari is worse. Chrome is a joke. None of the latter display pages as the code is written. fu*k the emo browsers. hehe

Everyone should use IE. People who don't should be kicked off the internet for being dumb
Firefox has worked great for me for years now. I switched back when IE didn't have tabs (does it now? I assume it must) and haven't used IE since except when a) installing a new OS and having to get to the firefox website, and b) random occasions in the past where a banking website, etc would only allow IE, which doesn't really happen anymore.

Also, I am an IT contractor... so once in a while I have to use IE when a client doesn't have FF installed.

Everybody good, plenty of slaves for my robot colony?
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