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Originally Posted by ZeroPRIDE View Post
Boxing over Kickboxing in a street fight? Im not sure about that and yes i know you said IMO. A kickboxer would win faster( well maybe not faster) and in a more devestating way simply because of more weapons in his arsenal rather that just hands.
I can see why you would be skeptical and certainly there are people out there that disagree with me. I would kick box a boxer and box a regular guy. Boxing is where its at in a street fight, ive only ever used kicks in sparring, to their groin or to their head when they were lowered or on the ground. Kicking is to risky and unnecessary in a lot of situations. In a street fight your best best is to keep your eyes on the person your hands up and footwork. I find a normal person throws sloppy wide punches which are easy to dodge and counter. The second they go off balance or miss you with a punch you have a split second to openly counter and you'll get away with it every time. And that is always what I wait for, when they throw that first punch it becomes self defense. I've been in less than 10 street fights in the span of my life, most ended in under 30seconds. It doesn't matter how many tools you have it matters how well you can use those tools.

Originally Posted by King JLB View Post
I used to think the same, until I read got fight. If you throw a kick in a street fight, you're off balance and there's a good chance you'll get taken down. It's going to be eye gouging and crotch kicks from there. I would think moving forward and boxing would be your best bet since most "street fighters" couldn't throw a proper kick to save their lives.

Traditional kickboxing does not involve elbows, but since muy thai has become so popular, many people combine both. Having practiced both extensively, I can tell you kickboxing will give you a more well rounded workout due to the full range of movements, but boxing will do wonders for your cardio and conditioning. Both are however excellent exercises to get in shape with.
good book, whoever wrote is a fighter :P

the ground in a street fight is death, avoid it at all costs. eyes will be gouged, throats grabbed and genitals twisted.

Originally Posted by kantowrestler View Post
I think the best way to win a street fight is to get in close enought to take the guy down, throw some dirty punches, and finish it with some jui-jutsu and either choke him unconsciouse or brake something!
whew not in a street fight, ironman would probably disagree with me. but man its to risky to ever go to the ground unless your sure your getting a fair fight, both meaning its just you and the other guy and that he wont do anything considered to be "cheap" that or make sure you are damn good and fast on the ground

bjj is for competition, not street fighting

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