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Reggie Orr
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I would have to disagree...

Originally Posted by thebroken
they're both strong but i see chuck winning this just because he has a more solid stand up game.
I really dont see Chuck having a better standing Game than Silva, I mean yeah Silva tends to get a little careless at times but only against those opponets that he knows he can. are we all forgetting that not too long ago Silva battled against Mirko Cro cop in pride in a Super Bout and did an outstanding job on his feet demonstrating that he can easily tranform into the thinking more tactical fighter that we are not use to seeing from silva. I dont think Chuck is half the stricker that Mirko is and that being said Chuck does not have twenty pounds on Silva like Mirko did. I think that in the end silva will come out with a Wanderlei style victory. also in order to really test two Champions such as Chuck and Silva you cant put them in a venue such as UFC, there are too many rules. we need to see Silva at his Purest wich is in Pride. Im sorry but UFC has a slogan we all know and that Slogan is "As real as it gets" I beg to differ Pride is as real as it gets and SILVA is the definition of NHB.
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