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Originally Posted by G_Land View Post
LOL ok all this history aside the aswer is simple in the boxing or kick boxing you want to just get punched ...or punched,kicked,elbowed and kneed? Make your choice.....but a good street fighter vs an everyday kickboxer? street fighter anyday of the week

Is that a joke?

Besides being obviously ridiculous (a trained fighter vs untrained fighter?), let's refer you to Kimbo vs. Petruzelli.

Also guys this is the newbie section, you're not supposed to be such dicks here.

The answer to OP:

Some kickboxing ONLY allows your typical punches; jabs crosses hooks uppercuts (all these are in boxing as well) and high/mid/low roundhouse kicks and pushkicks.

Other kickboxing, like K-1 -a popular kickboxing organization like UFC- will allow allow any kind of striking. Knees, elbows, punches, kicks, etc.

Keep in mind that boxing and kickboxing use larger 10oz gloves (opposed to our 4-6oz) and therefor some striking is limited. eg.: you will not see a spinning back fist in boxing or kickboxing (typically), there is simply too much padding to make it effective.

Boxers will typically have better close range striking and head movement. This is because of two things: not worrying about kicks or clinches, and having to stand infront of your opponent the entire time. Boxers will also have great angles and sometimes more power, compensating for the larger gloves.

Kickboxers will be much more rounded, often with better angles and better set-ups.

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