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Originally Posted by shatterproof View Post
Well, not for nothing but small business owners in America alone would save $198 million a year if everyone just used IE. Source: NIPOMA Institute

seriously though... if FF dropped off the face of the earth (al la Netscape) the only people who'd care would be a handful of brooding middle-aged programmers, mac posers who like the mac logo more than the OS or safari and, i guess, a couple people in this thread. haha.

Use FF if you don't mind upgrading it every day or two, and don't care if the websites you're looking at don't display/work how they were designed to, and of course if you hate small business owners. hah. Use IE otherwise.
fail post. first paragraph is irrelevant. imagine how much we'd save if there was only one model of car, too? gas stations wouldn't have to stock diesel, we'd only need one set of parts. you're missing the entire point of market competition.

the second paragraph is complete bullcrap :P not even worth refuting, it's so wrong.

Oh and LOL at criticizing frequent upgrades, as if that's a bad thing. you realize that hackers and exploiters are working ALL the time, right? going months without an update is NOT an advantage, it's a product of monolithic, slow corporate workings like MS. Not sure if you've noticed, but MS has been working to increase the frequency of updates, not the other way around. You might not remember the many, many long-standing publicly available exploits in IE, but they sure do.

Everybody good, plenty of slaves for my robot colony?
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