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Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
IE is a sinkhole of security issues. Any self respecting Business would NEVER use IE for that simple fact. Compatability issues are much less of a problem than liability issues.

BTW, Chrome > Every other broswer. For serious.

While somewhat true, FF is not faster than Chrome or Safari (or anything that uses WebKit) because of it's threading capabilities. Also, instead of installing a bunch of unnecessary add-ons that will bog down the computer's memory, why not make a HOSTS file and be done with it all together? Sure it's ever so slightly more difficult, but it also improves security dramatically regardless of the Browser.

Firefox is a slow memory hog. Chrome is fast as all hell and seems to be way more productive to me. Especially with it's built in search functions and the like.

Well the addons that I use aren't for speed or anything like that. The most important ones that I like are the no ads. I love that thing and the video downloader with one click. Those two are handy to have.

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