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Originally Posted by ruban
So I did it. I bought a 360. Should arrive on Wed. or Thurs.
I already own 4 360 games for it but they'll be put to good use when that baby comes in.
GoW, R6 Las Vegas, Tony Hawk 8, NFS Carbon, TR Legends.

I'd like to get FEAR with a possible BB gift cert. come xmas time.

Are the gamertags the same as regular xbox? What I mean is does it carry over?

If so my tag is Program9 - but I haven't played my xbox in months

that'll change soon
You can transfer the accounts. Just hook up the xbox live stuff and log out of any file names. Then go to the xbox live sectiong thingy and hit account recovery. Put in your gamertag and fill in the rest of the information and it'll be done.
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