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Originally Posted by adamjjrwarrior View Post
Yeah mate over under sweep... with the over under sweep, if you have a hold of an arm, and you sweep them, you will end up on mount with an arm, is there a certain attack that you prefer if you have that arm...
Yeah. Personally, I transition to the side control from that position, because I'm more comfortable in the side control than the mount (it's very easy to get rolled by experienced grapplers from the mount, and I tend to just end up back in full guard if I take any weight off to attempt an armbar.

From side control, my weighting is much better and I rarely get swept.

From the mount and the side control, though, the attack is the same: Keep the arm tucked against your ribs so you have great control, pop your legs over the head and take an armbar.

From the side control I have a half dozen attacks from there (and I don't mind getting into them, but only if you want me to), but from the mount, I rarely need more than the armbar, especially if they go for an upa, because that really makes it easy to sink in the armbar.

and also i have trouble taking the back from butterfly. i got told by one of the fellas from training butterfly guard is one of the best things to know... i have a whole lot of marcelo garcia vids but yeah the book i was looking into but i havent come around to it yet, money is tight... anyways thanks for your insight.
Yeah, practice the armdrag.

Have an opponent on their knees and practice popping your foot out from the butterfly guard, using your cross hand to pull their arm to the mat, reaching around to their back and hooking under their opposite side arm (this hook is amazingly helpful in securing the back).

Practicing this drag is everything.

I also practice the armdrag from standing, but it's a little different than off of your back (or, more accurately, off of your butt, which is where you should be in the butterfly guard). Still, it'll help you develop the tricepts and back muscles required for powerful armdrags.

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