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Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
This is a personal preference thing. I suggest experimenting with a lot of different grips. There are a few standard grips, though.
  1. Both hands behind the head.
  2. One hand on the back of the head, one hand on the arm.
  3. Both hands on one arm.
  4. One overhook, one underhook.
  5. Double underhooks.
  6. One arm free, the other hooking under the opponent's knee.
I can get into attacks from any of these if you want. Still, play around with them. Developing a good guard is about finding what works for your body type, flexibility, mindset and personal level of comfort. There's no single answer.
#3, What do you mean both hands on one arm?
As in, Shrimping out and crossing to that one arm so the other one can't reach over?

because, I can see someone raining down on me if i'm holding one arm.
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