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Personally I quite like their "**** authority" attitude, the thing I respect about it, is that they are being genuine. As opposed to when Tito does it, it feels like the WWE sherade. I don't agree with it, infact I think most of the stuff they say is fairly ignorant. But I always respect a man who stands up for his beliefs and principles- to an extent. Before one of you smart-asses mentions extremists

However, I will agree with you that they have made stupid decisions that will forever put a dent in any legacy they may leave. Nick especially.

I'm irritated at Nick and his glamorization of pot. Hell I smoke the stuff too much my self, but I'm not a professional MMA fighter. I'm talking about the gomi incident, what a fantastic win that will be taken away from him. And the recent strikeforce incident, just a waste of time, opportunities, and money. Not to mention his managers, the fans, his trainers. Really stupid move by him.

Nate I don't find my self getting quite as irritated at. Missing the press-confrence was one thing, but I don't quite classify it as bad as some other actions performed by fighters. Who shall remain nameless, I'm sure you can guess.

I probably was being sarcastic in the above post. I think you should flame me for it.
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