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WAR DIAZ BROS! WHERE'S MY SHOE! AINT NO BITCH! how can you not love these guys? I love nick and nate like bros.

I'm irritated at Nick and his glamorization of pot. Hell I smoke the stuff too much my self, but I'm not a professional MMA fighter. I'm talking about the gomi incident, what a fantastic win that will be taken away from him. And the recent strikeforce incident, just a waste of time, opportunities, and money. Not to mention his managers, the fans, his trainers. Really stupid move by him.
That's nothing but a failure of the system. How many times have you seen other fighters talk about drinking beers? What's the difference? Nothing but politics. Who cares if he had the Gomi win taken from him? Everyone who matters knows who won that fight. Seriously, I doubt Gomi brags about that fight to his friends, about how he would have won had Nick not smoked pot before the fight.

Everybody good, plenty of slaves for my robot colony?
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