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Originally Posted by FredFish1 View Post
How is it a failure of the system? It's pretty simple to accept that pot and beer fall under different categories. Regardless of the effects or user. They have different social acceptances. It is a lot more than politics. Politics is the overal surface of the subject but there is far more depth to it.

The win was taken from him, some one must have cared enough to change it. In fact I've seen reputable members on this forum discredit him for it, as well as other professional MMA fighters. I agree with you Gomi got beat fair and square, I don't think the pot played any factor at all. But he should have just refrained from smoking for a couple of weeks.

And come on man, the strikeforce incident? That was a big slap in the face for everyone involved.
I dont think your first and second paragraph are reconicilable.

the strikeforce incident was more muddied, although i'd be as willing to chalk it up to armando garcia's sleaziness as nick's behavior.

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