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I think someone needs to tell Floyd that Money, fame and showboating are secondary in combat sports. The main impetus is the fight itself and Floyd doesnt deliver!
This guy likes to shell up and backpedal throwing boring jab counter punches.
Combat sports should be primarily about the fight, if people put aside the star power and marketing of the Floyd vs De la hoya fight which was stupidly overhyped and knew how the fight was going to pan out then I dont think it would of set ppv records.

For me Floyd makes Thales leites look exciting.
There are many other boxers who are exciting and come to display the sweet science but are not marketing drones. Most of Floyds fight highlights are the pre bout talk and him running his mouth but not much of the actual fight.

I wonder how many people feel robbed when they bought into his hype and paid for the ppv.

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