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Originally Posted by jcal View Post
I know what our saying and that does help, but when im about to bridge I tell my partner to watch his fingers cauuse its real easy to bend them backwards when he rolls over and you have his hand trapped, usually with all his fingers extended out. Just wondreing if anybody else does the same. I play nice.
I don't talk to my partners when I roll. It's really disrespectful, in my opinion, to coach someone when you're rolling with them, unless they're really new. And even then, I just take it easy and let the coach do the coaching.

Some people take it seriously, but most BJJ schools don't care. Still, until I get up to brown or black belt level, I'm going to leave it alone and save that stuff for when I'm just demonstrating techniques.

Also, I generally try and focus on what I'm doing, just because that's what sparring is about, at my level of jiu-jitsu.

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