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Originally Posted by kgilstrap View Post
This is off topic....but I am glad Brock is getting read his last rights in your sig pic before Shane Carwin knocks his head off...It's a joke so don't get angry!
He isnt getting his last rights... The Pope talks to God directly, so in essence Brock is recieving a Blessing from God Himself, to have the strength to make Carwins face a smear on the canvas right next to Frank's.

Originally Posted by coldcall420 View Post
Love both of know why....they tell it like it is and they arent afraid to say what they think.....

And if some one has a problem with it more than not they shut that person up.....they dont hesitate....I LOVE THAT you cant teach it.....

CC you know i gotta bust chops, but werent you saying you disliked Brock for well basically the same reason?

i know i gotta stop, im in an area of hijacking this thread... sorry folks. hate Nick respect his skills and toughness.... yadda yadda.... ok were back on topic again!

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