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Originally Posted by coldcall420 View Post
Seems from the above post he was....

No cuz when I say they tell it like it is I mean they dont lie. Nick has admitted smoking weed and gives dumb ass reasons as to why it actually might help his performance. Nate mainly I like cuz of how he was on the show and the fact that he is ready to scrap with whoever......

Not sure why you compare that to Brock, not being afraid to say what you think is one thing, but since you asked Brock disrespects the fans and the sport by shitting on their sponsers and geting in the face of a guy that was sorta out on his feet.....Diaz Bros dont do shit like that...

Not the same thing

"disrespects" with the "s," insinuates a continual act, when it was an isolated event which got reprimanded for by Dana.

"shitting on their sponsors," clearly retarded, but again, isolated and reprimanded.

"getting in the face of a guy that was sorta out on his feet," Mir brought that upon himself with a year full of unprovoked smack talking. Mir made it personal for a year and when he's on the receiving end of actions from which he'd sown, suddenly Mir's the victim. There's a time frame for marketing and hype (pre-fights), then there's running your mouth without cause, then expecting to be cool with the guy you've been dumping on for months on end, without purpose or provocation, expect to be a dillusional prick.

The Diaz brothers not giving an eff and Brock not giving an eff are not dissimilar in principle, people are just nit picking at what they approve or disapprove of what came from the same type of attitude and mindset. If Brock was DQ'd from failing a weed drug test, I'd argue he'd would NEVER, regain face, but if a Diaz brother does it, it's all laughs & giggles, because "it's just Nick being Nick, he's a Diaz..."

I like Nick and Nate both, more so Nate, but I hear the same people bragging about how they love the Diaz I don't give a rip attitude, then turn around and rip on Brock for not giving a rip

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