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Originally Posted by daveh98 View Post
Ok one simple question for everyone; but let's take the he said/she said out of it (dana and floyd are very similar hype machines).

Why is it OK for brock lesnar to be a 1 dimentional fighter and make the transition to MMA and learn the other modalities but a boxer cannot? Why is it that IF floyd tried MMA, we are all ASSUMING he would not train the other disciplines? He is a freak athlete, just like Lesnar. He finds the tiniest mistakes every single opponent makes and capitalizes on it. I am actually a big mayweather hater, but can appreciate his skill set. I just don't get why people assume boxers would only box an MMA fighter in an MMA match. A bit of hypocritical logic me thinks...

It's not like Boxers have NEVER tried MMA. It's just that that style is not effective and boxing will teach habbits that are bad to have in a cage. Styles like kickboxing and wrestling lend themselves to MMA more than straight boxing.

Someone like Alves would tear Mayweather apart with vicious leg kicks until he was a cripple. The competition in MMA right now is pretty rigid and well rounded, a boxer would need a lot of training to overcome their bad habbits and develop TDD, ground game, kicks, distance, etc.
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