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Originally Posted by shatterproof View Post
hope it was a joke, haha.

I've been a chronic for 15 years, never fealt this 'numbness'. Although i do conceed that people who don't smoke much or only a few times probably trip out on all sorts of things, that's simply not how it is for pot heads -- a group to which Diaz certainly belongs. We just feel a little more relaxed, get the munchies and play xbox more than we should.
So so very true

Originally Posted by osmium View Post
You can get numbness from breathing heavily and the amount of adrenaline your body pumps out in a fight makes it so you aren't feeling pain the same. Weed wouldn't help you in a fight it makes your reaction time slower and isn't stopping you from getting knocked out.

Weed doesn't make you eat anything that is like saying alcohol makes you take a spin in your car. You may want to do basic instinctual acts more on both because your inhibitions are lowered but they don't make you do anything. If you can't control yourself on drugs you can't control yourself off of them. I can get destroyed on weed and alcohol and hold a cogent complex conversation and refrain from doing anything stupid your actions are a you problem not a weed problem.

Weed can give you numbness if you have no tolerance for it and smoke something strong but it isn't anymore dangerous than being drunk and really compared to something like synthetic opiates it is laughable.
I agree that smoking or drinking doesn't "make" you do anything but it certainly can inhibit your decision making process and alter your values at the time. Moreso drinking than smoking. But really, being drunk or high is a poor excuse for anything.

Personally, I, at one time, was a heavy smoker and have never felt numbness but I am aware of friends who claim to have "lost feeling" in their hands. I can't say for sure whether that was a gross exaggeration or an outright lie though.

But I have a feeling Nick is a regular smoker so I doubt he received any "performance enhancing" effects from toking up before a fight. I would think the result would be quite the opposite as some have already said.
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