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Originally Posted by coldcall420 View Post
1st. I apologize....disrespected........which in no way takes away rom the fact he did it.....

2. Shitting on sponsers and getting reprimanded makes it okay and undoes the damage....c'mon dude...

3. Regardless of what Mir said their is a fundamental way of respect in this sport, even dudes that have hated each other worse never did anything like that......AGAIN, the fact he talked a buch of shit doesnt make it okay ......yeah he did talk shit, and paid for it and while he still hasnt recovered from paying for it Brock is back in his face.....NO respect or honor....

4. Brock and the Diaz bros not giving an eff is very true and that point I agree with you, its just the manor and delivey that the Diaz bros that make their actions different.....

Nate and Nick also arent the same Draw as Brock so his actions are going to have a greater impact....

im going to point out the EliteXC fight when Nick lost to KJ Noons, after pushing the Dr. and making an exit from the ring pissed off, the fans boo'd Nick and Nick in turn flipped off the crowd booing him and last turning back to KJ and flipping him off. So yeah i do think they are very similar.

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