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Originally Posted by coldcall420 View Post
So your saying to me that you think Elite XC and The UFC are similar.....Those situations are totally diff......Elite XC doesnt exist and never had the sponsers or fan base that the UFC does.......Nick or Nate didnt shit on their sponsers or the ORG's sponsers.....

The acts are similar, but my point was more towards the fact that the UFC has never been smeared like that, no one really cares about Elite XC or what was Elite XC and their freakshow Bimbo.......

so.... because it happened in a smaller show, on showtime instead of ppv, and they didnt mention something about a sponsor, that makes it alright?

CC i still like ya dude and have fun debating ya, im just not gettin this one... sorry.

plus no one mentioned that the UFC slandered a sponsor, it was always about Brock. Bud Light never pulled any sponsorship money from the UFC nor did any other sponsors, so again im not quite getting where your comming from.

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