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I would love to see Lesnar vs Klitschko in a fight. I repeat I would like to see them fight not box. I love boxing but boxing is not fighting it is punching. Lesnar would tear any HW boxer in the world up because he would use his skill which took years to master (wrestling) and GnP the boxers to death. Floyd talks shit but turns down the opportunity to fight Sherk a couple years ago when it was offered. He knows Sherk would have crushed him. Mayweather is extremely talented but he is a punk. Even boxing promoters say he is a scared fighter who doesn fight to win he fights not to lose. He is a boring fighter that runs and jabs to outpoint his opponent. Now I'm not sayin what he does is easy cuz it isn. Floyd is extremely fast and talented but lately he is nothing but a mouth. Even if his fight beats Franklin vs Belfort in ppv it wont beat Pacquiao vs Cotto. He says he is the ppv king but he isn even the top draw in his sport and the only reason he drew so much before was because De La Hoya is the real ppv king. He takes all of the credit for something he wasn even half responsible for.

HW-Brock Lesnar
LHW-Forrest Griffin, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans & Gegard Mousasi
MW-Chael Sonnen
WW-All hail GSP
LW-Frankie Edgar
FW-Kenny Florian & Mark Hominick
BW-Don't really have one but I love their fights
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