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I don't know if you guys have seen a strongman in person, but it's a different kind of strength. It's really insane.

Their grip strength alone in MMA will be huge. A guy like that could literally break a smaller man's arm bone structure by squeezing. You'll be afraid to throw jabs because if he catches your arm, and knows even one thing to do from there, you're in a bad way.

Their core is also unbelievable, taking someone like this guy down will not be an easy task. And Lesnar couldn't even take Couture down.

And they're not slow. Strongmen competitions have a decent amount of speed-orientated tasks. Plus events like rock lift and log drags will translate well to wrestling throws.

I dunno, maybe he'll have a glass chin and gas in 30 seconds. If not though...

edit: just found out he runs a 5:40 sec mile, deadlifts 1000lbs, and can overhead press over 600lbs.

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