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Originally Posted by Toroian View Post
dam he always has a problem =[

prob gonna be cut now
I could see that happening....

Originally Posted by mattandbenny View Post
And we have a winner for most stupid comment of the day! How is he gonna get cut, he didnt lose, he had a seizure. Its like any other fighter getting injured and pulling out of a fight, they dont get cut, they come back in a couple of months and fight again.


Originally Posted by Sicilian_Esq View Post
A lot of people have gotten onto your case unjustifiably. Silva has been finicky with who is being kept, and Nover was NOT the winner of TUF season whatever, which had terrible ratings.

Combine that with the fact he's lost twice in the UFC, and I think this kid has something... it may be wrong, but it wouldn't surprise me to see the kid cut 6 mo. from now in a blurb.

Agreed and well pointed out as it seems to have slipped a few on the thread.....Hope Nover s okay though Siezures are dangerous I have had 2 in my life and when I awoke I hadnt bee breathing for over 2 mins......Freaky when you wake up....Hope he gets over it...

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