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Originally Posted by hvendlor View Post
The coverage was awful. Truly bad...

And if it's true that the US spike version had ads too, how come every time ESPN rejoined the broadcast, it was mid way through a replay of the round???

We didn't see any replays, audio was screwed up for 60 minutes of the show....

just total garbage again from ESPN. They're ruining UFC for me, you can't get into when there's ads between fights and between rounds. It's more like the rounds break up the ads..
Just be quiet man. I knew there would be a ton of people bitching about ESPN's coverage.

The only thing ESPN got wrong tonight was the sound - which was addressed half way through.

Now as for the OP and others complaining about ad's in between rounds. I find it incredible that you couldn't realise the situation - specifically that the U.S. feed was littered with adverts - what are ESPN supposed to do?

Are you expecting them to have their own cameras there or something? Do you want them to show the American adverts? I'd say they probably missed about five seconds of coverage last night. The whole show is designed to promote/and is paid for by advertising.

It just shows a complete lack of awareness from people who have clearly never seen a Fight Night broadcast before. As for whoever had the audacity to complain about ESPN showing their own logo, whilst waiting for the US feed to come back. That was for our benefit so they could go back the second the Americans did - which they did 90% of the time.

I'd love to see anyone on here try and edit that minefield together at 1/2am in the morning. All coverage of a fight night will be terrible no matter what country you are in. The fights are almost secondary to advertising motives.

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