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Originally Posted by hvendlor View Post
Man, you're full of it...

So spike TV has ad breaks between all rounds uh, from bell to bell? So then "mr know it all"..

who is watching the replays? Does the UFC just makes replays inbetween rounds for the sake of it.

And there WAS replays between rounds last night which were cut by ESPN ads, NOT broadcast cuts by the UFC/Spike.
Well yeah they do actually make replays for 'the sake of it'.

If you go to a live event they show all the replays, corners on the big screens. The entire thing is edited live and shown to the arena audience as well as the TV viewers. They record them for the DVDs.

I'm pretty sure they did go to a break after every round. The US guys will be able to confirm. A lot of the time they come back off a break a couple of seconds before the start of a round and show a bit of a replay.

Every time it popped up 'UFC Fight Night' and the guitar riff after ad breaks. That is not ESPN doing that. That is them reconnecting with the US feed. Granted they have to push a button so maybe they missed a second here and there. You could actually see the starts of some US adverts on the feed because they cut away from the action that quick in the States.

Like I said the whole show is paid for by advertisers in the States. That is part of the reason why us UK fans got so much flak from the American members when we got annoyed about the 101 coverage. They are used to it from every UFN.

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