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Originally Posted by Finnsidious View Post
Agreed. This could easily be the most lopsided season ever, Evans could sweep every fight. It's a good thing Rampage is funny, because he is dumber than my dick. He couldn't have picked a worse team if he tried.

I also think he is going to be a horrible coach. It's only one episode, but all he did was scream 'Get up!' the entire fight at the guy, without a single word or suggestion as to how to do it. He is just going to be one of those 'try harder' coaches, all they ever do is yell at you to try harder with no advice on strategy or technique, a la Matt Hughes.

*Edit - was posting simultaeneously, so I see I just repeated a bunch of stuff others said, but, whatever.
That guy was terrible. Like Rampage said, same move everytime.
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