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Joe Rogan, he's so-so. Some times he's an annoying and not right, and other times he's annoying and right. An example of him being wrong is at UFC 53, first round of the Franklin and Tanner fight, Franklin dominated the round in my opinion and Tanner only had one lucky punch that got Franklin down ust like Fujita did to Emelianenko. So Bravo predicted 10-9 for Tanner and then Joe Rogan is like "Why not 10-8 for Tanner", that is an example of being totally incorrect by Rogan. I think Randy Couture was a way better announcer; he kept his mouth shut and knows a lot about the game. Oh, and Mike Goldberg is far more worse than Joe Rogan. All he says is "Blade this; this movie; next PPV" we don't care about upcoming crap not to do with UFC.
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