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Originally Posted by joshua7789 View Post
Melvin didnt get caught in a slick sub. He walked into a choke. He shot in with his neck up. He might as well have just stood against the cage with his hands at his sides and let nate knock him out. Melvin was starting to gas and gave up. I think he got really frustrated when he couldnt finish nate in the first and lost the will to win.

Uh, actually he got caught with a slick sub, a gullotine is a sub and yeah he basically walked right into it.....

Originally Posted by Reality Check View Post
Pro mixed martial artists don't just "walk" into subs. I love how melvin nut huggers are acting like nates BJJ is some kind of joke, when he has some of the best BJJ in the entire UFC.

Face it, melvin couldnt deal with nates reach. After nate got clipped he realized that melvin doesnt even hit that hard. I saw that sub coming when they first announced the fight, but I thought it was going to be in rd 1. Like coldcall said im also dissapointed nate didnt use a his reach more and jab.

Thank you cuz I dont have the energy to break it down......

Originally Posted by joshua7789 View Post
Im not a melvin nuthugger. Im a fan of both of the diaz bothers and am well aware of how talented they both are on the ground. Watch the fight again. Melvin is either very ignorant on the ground (which shouldnt be the case, the dude has like fifty fights) or he gave his neck up. My little cousin could have tapped him if he gave her his neck like that. Nate is good, im not downplaying that, Melvin just quit in my opinion.
He got un cautious and he paid, plus he was attempting to pound Nate and basically gave Diaz his neck....once nate threw that leg over I jumped off the couch and was like yes sir!!!!!

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