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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
I would love to see Kimbo win. He has gained my respect...but with that being said I think that Roy Nelson is going to take it.
I just don't get it because most people say that a pure highest level boxer could not stand a chance in MMA and would want to see their demise yet a street thug who only punches has a shot? I am not saying this is your opinion, just quoting because you mention you want to see kimbo win..

Kimbo winning MMA would really mean that a rather talented individual who is "tough" can basically learn TDD, sub defense and just brawl and make it big. That could never happen in boxing. You can just take a tough dude and make him champ. They tried with The Contender which took established professional boxers with good records and the winners tried against the best...and remained...B level fighters at best (Manfredo jr, brinkley, gomez, bika, etc).

So i hope kimbo actually gets destroyed because I don't want the MMA world to be undermined by this level of athlete. The ONLY reason Kimbo is on the show is to be marketable. Not only that, but he got wrecked by a jab by a TUF castaway....

Why are people swayed because Kimbo showed Humility? It is probably because he got WRECKED by a JAB by a 205 pound B level fighter with Pink hair. YOU HAVE to be humble after that and kiss butt or you will NEVER fight again. Kimbo is steroided garbage that predicated his fear onto lesser fighters over the internet and got served at the elite level. Training on TUF will not be a different outcome and Mr White clearly knows this...
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