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Standup Technique

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  1. any other art that uses elbows besides muaythai?
  2. MMA punch smashes boxing punch world record
  3. Kin Kong Training: Feinting 101
  4. Sitting back on guard
  5. Knee/shin to ribs
  6. Absorbing leg kicks
  7. How to improve balance
  8. blocking and dodging techniques needed
  9. Hook
  10. annoying "injury"
  11. bare knuckle boxing by carl cestari
  12. Lead Hook
  13. Fast striking
  14. Kick the inner thigh of an orthodox fighter as a southpaw? With a rear leg round kick
  15. punching without rotation of the fist?
  16. How do you do the rear push kick/get max power out of it?
  17. What happened to striking systems ????
  18. Using the front snap kick in muay thai
  19. Is the lead leg round kick the best SET UP for combos?
  20. Southpaw VS Orthodox hard to get past kicks to land punches!?
  21. Difficult to KO in bare knuckle matches?
  22. How Do I Counter These Strikes In Muay Thai As A Southpaw???
  23. Karate
  24. Best way to throw a round kick for MMA and instructions on how its done?
  25. High % south paw combos in boxing/Muay Thai/MMA
  26. I have a very high % set up, can you recommend what I follow it with?
  27. How do you do the Fedor lead hook disguised as a jab?
  28. Moving and punching at the same time. Need advice!?
  29. Fedor frequently bows/leans over into his big rear hand punches is it safe?
  30. How do you throw an overhand right hook properly?
  31. My amateur fighter competed this weekend.
  32. Choosing another Fighting style?
  33. best for KickingAdvice
  34. Fighting a grappler
  35. Get Hit Less! - Footwork Technique : Video Breakdown
  36. Tips on how to take a punch better and not get KO'd!
  37. Left handed or right handed??
  38. I bought some new gloves
  39. Freezing up
  40. Kickboxing videos I made
  41. Most Painfull / Deadlyiest strikes
  42. Gypsy bareknuckle open handed striking techniques
  43. Stand up 101
  44. Sneaky Techniques!
  45. How is my Muay Thai round kick form?
  46. Mastering the Basics - 10 Fundamental Striking Videos
  47. How much force for a punch to send 400 lbs bag flying into the air ?
  48. Why isn't Kudo big?
  49. Why do i only get adrenaline rush sometimes?
  50. Peek-a-Boo Boxing Style Useful for MMA?
  51. Solar Plex Punches Useful in MMA?
  52. help with high kick / headkick
  53. Muay Thai in San Francisco
  54. Measure Punching Power
  55. Which one is used more in UFC/ street fights?
  56. MMA Basics - Striking - Breakdown down the Cross
  57. Boxing or MT
  58. Knee pain
  59. Support Muay Thai in the USA
  60. raw power and endurence
  61. whats the most effective way of being a great counter puncher?
  62. Request for southpaw counter-striking techniques or videos
  63. My Thai Boxing App
  64. Silva/Okami Technique Breakdown - 2 Arms Low Jab
  65. Striking while moving backwards
  66. Is it really practical to swing my hips when doing a roundhouse kick?
  67. Combining Vitor Belfort + Wanderlei Silvas style = good or bad?
  68. I have a sensitive nose
  69. nose injury
  70. Taking punches.. Weight on your back foot?
  71. Flexibility
  72. Bikini Models teach fighting stance
  73. boxing training available
  74. Video of me fighting (critiques wanted)
  75. Which punching bag for Muay Thai?
  76. Video of myself
  77. Flat-Footed vs Ball of the foot
  78. Video - tell me how bad I suck
  79. Jeet Kune Do
  80. Taking a punch, moving head back need help!
  81. Should I train kickboxing in holland or in Thailand ?
  82. Front-Kick Drill
  83. Baffled by most TMA's
  84. Catch Kick head kick?
  85. Are kicks important in MMA?
  86. Closing The Distance
  87. How am i doing - boxing
  88. How far would a boxing background have me ahead?
  89. Super Punching Skills! - Another Drill
  90. Heavy Boxing Training Question
  91. High kicks???
  92. Takedowns
  93. How does my heavy bag training look?
  94. Defensive Jab
  95. Favorit Combinations
  96. Punching faster
  97. Show yourself in action! (Video Thread)
  98. Ben Hendersons kick
  99. what stand up style should i go for?
  100. how do i decide what to learn first?
  101. Need help from a striker
  102. The Jab - Breaking Down the Basics
  103. VIDEO: Me on the bag
  104. Most effective form of striking
  105. Little laugh
  106. Anything outside the norm
  107. So My Buddy Asked Me to Show him how to Box
  108. livingroom boxing
  109. Having a good chin
  110. Newbie
  111. How can I train to make myself strike faster?
  112. Boxing Technique
  113. Mindset?
  114. Input On My Style
  115. Anger
  116. Question about stance
  117. How to get a proper punching technique
  118. The Folded Knuckle Punch?
  119. how to get the basc shoulder rolls footwork good
  120. Kicking Miss Dizziness Method
  121. MT rib kick help...
  122. Solar Plexus
  123. Muay thai leg kicks help
  124. Video of my kickboxing (help requested)
  125. Video of me boxing ( floor to ceiling) - tips.
  126. Video of me boxing ( floor to ceiling) - tips.
  127. Improving footwork
  128. The Supporting Knee
  129. How quick should you be able to throw a roundhouse?
  130. speed and strength
  131. Perry the jab
  132. From grappling to boxing, gloves
  133. Muay Thai or MMA
  134. Advice about left handed punches..
  135. First Fight in a while. K1 rules first round
  136. VIDEOS OF MY STRIKING - please evaluate
  137. Unorthodox Martial Arts
  138. Head kicks
  139. best stand up?
  140. need help fighting this dude.
  141. Best Martial Arts Style to train For Street Fights.
  142. How to not be a wimp with kicks?
  143. Going to start MMA
  144. boxing
  145. Eagle vision
  146. 13 Coins Gym Review
  147. Wrist Problems *need an advice
  148. weak nose...
  149. Muay Thai vs BJJ: Pros and Cons
  150. Punch Technique?
  151. Drills
  152. Basics
  153. Question about Anderson Silva's fighting style
  154. Accidential knockouts
  155. Your Favorite
  156. A Guide To KO Power...
  157. Body Blow! The often overlooked (but always effective) body shot
  158. Vids of my MMA striking - Critique
  159. If you live in Vancouver talk 2 me
  160. Kneestrikes to
  161. What's the difference between...
  162. Roundhouse kicks - Bas Rutten style
  163. Do anybody else notice this? Or is it just me
  164. Which form of stand up would be best for me?
  165. Heavy bag- Let it swing or fix it?
  166. Punching - Inability to make correct fist
  167. Music Recommendations
  168. Please critique my thai kicks
  169. I got my Black Belt
  170. Punches to the lower ribs when abdominal muscles ae relaxed
  171. Padwork (Video) Heavy Bag (Video)
  172. Shadow boxing, shoulder workout
  173. Save your face! A head movement drill + contest
  174. Video Of My Striking
  175. Training for my fight (Questions)
  176. Hip Movement
  177. New into MMA
  178. MMA Fighter teaches High Knee Strike
  179. KickBoxing Vs. Boxing
  180. Question
  181. Grappling harder then Striking?
  182. New guy, please advise
  183. Elbow Striking
  184. My Fight Story, please give feedback.
  185. Striking & attacks
  186. Sparring Muay Thai, please critique (video)
  187. avoid a body slam
  188. Kick through the bruises?
  189. Single Collar Tie/ Dirty Boxing Clinch
  190. Chuck Lidell type Attacks and striking
  191. Knee striking Attack
  192. Undefeated MMA Fighter Daniel Puder gives advice on striking
  193. Are any styles of karate in America worth learning?
  194. Top Contenders of boxing in K1?
  195. MMA Fighter Daniel Puder andModel teach striking
  196. Favorite punch/kick combination?
  197. Coal Akida New combat skills
  198. Hook and Jab pad Combo's
  199. Video of Me Shadowboxing
  200. Training in Thailand
  201. Greg Jackson's The Stand Up Game
  202. Disadvantages of speed bag?
  203. First Day of MMA week...advice
  204. What moves are you working on?
  205. Cung Le Working The Double End Bag And Pads
  206. Completely new
  207. Fighting Workout Comparisons
  208. Visual Perciption
  209. New To It All...
  210. Secrets of the Jab - #3 of 3
  211. punchingbag/heavybag
  212. I need help with fist/wrist position while punching
  213. corporate job and training
  214. Standing Position
  215. War Wounds
  216. stance
  217. 4 oz. Factor - Hand Strikes Training Video
  218. Upcoming short film requests fighters assistance.
  219. Everything is ready for Arena Brazil II
  220. 3 Heavy Bag Drills
  221. Striking method in heavy boots?
  222. The boxing guard, is it overrated?
  223. self-defense, mma gym or not?
  224. What is the Zen approach to the martial arts?
  225. TKD Axe Kick in MMA
  226. Secrets of the Jab - #2 of 3
  227. how do you train to get faster in striking?
  228. Blocking appropriately in response to the strike
  229. Secrets of the Jab! - #1 of 3
  230. How would you throw someone off with Southpaw stance?
  231. You're boxing Muhammid Ali...
  232. Puerto Rico: Christian Rodriguez doing focus mitts
  233. Blocking without gloves.
  234. the Unorthodox Striking Drills Thread
  235. Broken shin
  236. Pay attention to what Forrest did wrong...
  237. I am a big guy wanting to learn how to fight
  238. Do you practice "cheap shots"?
  239. How to close distance???
  240. Fedor Punching a thai bag in nyc
  241. Hip Mobility while Muay Thai striking help
  242. kicking higher?
  243. martial art
  244. Striking Problems?
  245. What to do?
  246. Is my reach and leg length long or short?
  247. adrenaline or something else?
  248. adrenaline messes up fighting?
  249. 126 lb body weight, 300lb bench press, cross country runner..what technique to learn?
  250. Peek-a-boo, can you swarm an opponent with it?