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  20. I was wondering if anyone could help with a translation
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  23. any bags suitable for outdoors?
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  25. Advice
  26. What does everyone use at home
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  51. Truth Fight Wear ( DO NOT BUY
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  53. New program «Thai boxing for you Video Edition»
  54. This is a stupid, but serious question.
  55. The program "Thai boxing for you"
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  65. shorts
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  67. Laughter7
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  71. hyrdo water bag fail
  72. tie you gi
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  74. hey ppl? thanks!
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  99. London
  100. Where do you get your gear, and who sponsors you to compete locally?
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  105. looking for a good pair of first legit shorts
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  117. Hand
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  129. Blood
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  135. heavy bags
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  139. Heavy bag stand
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  154. Boxing Gloves
  155. Which types of punching bag is the best for overall (punch/kick) training?
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  183. Those little shorts that (A.Silva, J.Hansen & St.Pierre) wear ...
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  200. {injuries stuff}
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  219. Wavemaster
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  225. noob.
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  236. ******* gloves
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  241. do NOT shop at
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  246. Have to get a freestanding bag due to my living situation...?????
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  248. Cheap.
  249. Mask From Tapout
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