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dudeabides 03-08-2012 08:09 PM

Bellator FC 60: Anthony Gomez vs Travis Wiuff

joshua7789 03-08-2012 08:14 PM

I like Bellator, but their LHW division is a joke. The guy that just beat their champ is now fighting some random dude on the undercard and it wouldnt surprise anyone if he lost. They have some really solid fighters from MW down, but LHW and HW are terrible.

dudeabides 03-09-2012 11:00 PM

after the main card:


Round 1
Wiuff comes out swinging for the fences, and it goes to the ground as he continues pounding away. Gomez regains guard and works for head control and to break Wiuff's posture, but Wiuff postures up and lands another big punch. Gomez stands and Wiuff controls the clinch and then lands a beautiful takedown. He is in reverse scarfhold position. Gomez regains half guard but Wiuff works for Gomez's back. They stand and Gomez reverses and it's a pummeling war. Gomez frames on Wiuff's face but gets taken down in the process. Gomez ties up, then gets his hips out and is looking to work seated upright guard. And they stand, with Gomez spinning out. Wiuff fires a few more shots until the bell rings. Wiuff, 10-9.

Round 2
Wiuff works to clinch against the cage and Gomez responds with knees. The two jockey for position but Gomez ends on the bottom, trying his best to tie up Wiuffsarms. Wiuff works for position but Gomez spins out and now he's in Wiuff's half guard. Gomez landing some head and body shots and Wiuff closes his guard and works for head control. Gomez lands punches and passes to half guard. Big elbows and punches. The ref stands them up. Wiuff lands another takedown but Gomez is punching from the bottom and stands. Knees from Gomez. Wiuff 10-9.

Round 3
Wiuff has Gomez against the fence and they jockey for underhooks. Gomez and Wiuff trade punches. Wiuff has more success, following up his jabs with straight rights. Wiuff gets a takedown. Gomez works butterfly and half butterfly guard and looks to be setting up for an elevator sweep, but then stands up. He is working for a guillotine as Wiuff works for a takedown and they pummel for position. Wiuff lands a knee and a takedown to side control. He is landing knees. Gomez regains half guard, then full guard but Wiuff is landing punch after punch. Wiuff 10-9.

Official Decision: Wiuff takes the unanimous decision with scores of 29-28 across the board.

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