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dudeabides 03-21-2012 09:42 PM

Bellator FC 62: JJ Ambrose vs Brent Weedman

dudeabides 03-23-2012 09:09 PM


Round 1: Referee Kerry Hatley starts things off. Glove tap and they square off. Ambrose immedeately aggressive , but Weedman fires back and drops Ambrose with a left and backs off. More lefts landing for Weedman and Ambrose clinches and tosses Weedman to the ground. Weedman works back to half guard while Ambrose attempts a guillotine/neck crank. Oh, it's tight and Brent is red in the face and is contorting to get loose, Weedman spins to the top and is loose! Ambrose on bottom of side and now back to half guard. Weedman gets a bit up and starts landing rib roasters. Ambrose latches on to the head again and Weedman drives him back down. Ambrose threatens a guillotine and Weedman pops free while in half guard. Ambrose regains full guard and Weedman is trying to pass. Has to settle for half guard and Ambrose spins with a kimura attempt and flips Weedman. Wow, an upkick knocks loose the mouthpiece of Ambrose out and Weedman magically has Ambrose down and mounted. The pace is frenetic! Weedman keeping a very low and tight mount while Ambrose looks to spin and give his back. Weedman body triangles and punches a bit while attacking the neck. Weedman maintaining the body triangle and slowly picking his spots to attack the neck. Ambrose tries to spin inwards and into top of guard, but Weedman's lock is too tight. Weedman is smacking Ambrose in the head with punches from either side and looking for the mata leo. Ambrose is controlling the hands well enough to block them, but takes a few rights to the head and face for his troubles. Weedman keeps spinning Ambrose around and looking again for the choke. Ambrose still defending but taking punches and is obviously getting less and less active. Weedman's body lock si broken and Ambrose gets back to open guard, but takes more punishment in return. Weedman keeps posture and fends off a desperate takedown by Ambrose as the round closes. Great round. 10-9 Weedman.

Round 2: Wild kick sees Weedman dumped on his butt by Ambrose. J.J. is in top of closed guard and has his wrists controlled. Not much going on, but Weedman hunting a high guard. Ambrose trying a Tozi pass and gets to half guard. Ambrose setting up a brabo and has it very well set. Weedman spins up and onto the top and is trying to get free! He does! In top of side control now and fending off the guillotine attempt Ambrose has him in. Weedman is using the shoulder of doom side pressure to work to mount. Ambrose keeps his feet active and shoves WEedman back to open guard. Brent back to side control with Ambrose's right arm trapped in between his legs. Firing off punches from the Matt Hughes/Roy Nelson crucifix and controlling the far side arm while smothering the buck attempts of Ambrose. Weedman showing very good top control here and slowly grinding Ambrose down. A big knee to the ribs from Weedman gets Ambrose to pull his arm up and in. Ambrose nearly upa's Weedman off, but Weedman pulls back to side control and sets up a Von Flue! Ambroses taps! Incredible, a Von Flue lands once more in MMA!

Brent Weedman wins by submission at 3:26 of Round 2.

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