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dudeabides 04-11-2012 09:50 PM

Bellator FC 65: Zach Makovsky vs Eduardo Dantas

dudeabides 04-13-2012 10:20 PM


R1: Dantas is crouched low in anticipation of Makovsky's shot, and just misses with a short knee as the champ comes in. Dantas hammers a high kick through Makovsky's defense that still wobbles him. Charging 3-piece from Makovsky is dodged. Dantas rolls out another crushing high kick and Makovsky gets the takedown. Dantas beautifully spins into an omoplata but Makovsky escapes nicely back into guard. More submission attempts follow, as Dantas again swings his leg over into omoplata position. Makovsky escapes again and lands his first punch, but Dantas slips out and we're back standing with just less than 2 on the clock.

Makovsky hesitant on the feet with Dantas stalking and threatening to plunge a spearing knee. Another high kick from Dantas and Makovsky is being driven backwards. Makovsky gets a single but Dantas immediately reverses back to the feet for more kicks. 10-9 Dantas for more effective striking and grappling.

R2: Stomp kick from Dantas to open the second. Makovsky has his high kick deflected. Dantas unloads a combination, Makovsky shoots and Dantas hits a sweet switch and goes right to knee on belly, then full mount. Makovsky scrambles and Dantas settles for side control, then Makovsky regains guard. Dantas pins the left arm tries to pass but Makovsky is feisty off his back, so Dantas postures up and pounds.

The champ isn't digging it and tries to spin out but ends up getting mounted again and eating big punches. Makovsky swivels to plant his feet on the fence but Dantas bumps him away from it and jumps into a side choke. Makovsky goes limp and Eduardo Dantas becomes the new bantamweight champion by 2nd round submission (arm triangle).

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