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dudeabides 04-18-2012 07:42 PM

Bellator FC 66: Maiquel Falcao vs Vyacheslav Vasilevsky

dudeabides 04-20-2012 09:43 PM


Round 1

Here comes some violence folks! Falcao looks stone calm in his corner, it is kind of scary and Jimmy Smith agrees. Vasilevsky pushing forward, Falcao countering with jabs and leg kicks. Vasilevsky lands a right hand and Falcao falls, the Russian dives into the guard. Falcao working for an armbar, now trying to get a triangle. Vasilevsky doesn't seem to be in serious danger and back to guard. The Russian postures to throw strikes, Falcao using the scissor guard to try to stand, doesn't work back to closed guard. Vasilevsky pushes Falcao against the fence. The Russian stands in the guard and trying to strike but Falcao stands. Vasilevsky very quickly gets a trip to side control but is only there a few seconds before Falcao stands again. Now they are clinched against the fence. Another trip attempt by Vasilevsky, Falcao defends but gets caught with another trip. The Russian in guard again pushing the Brazilian against the fence. Falcao doing a great job defending strikes but unable to escape, but the ref does it for him with a stand up with seconds left. Outside leg kick ends the round. 10-9 for Vyachesiav Vailevsky

Round 2

Vasilevsky jabbing out of the corner but Falcao letting his hands go more, throwing punches and mixing kicks. Nice counter right by Vasilevsky. Falcao has stopped throwing as Vasilevsky is keeping him at range. Falcao is getting frustrated and is lunging for punches. Vasilevsky is just plain out boxing Falcao right now, but mixes it up with a clinch. Nice outside reap takedown by the Russian to side control. Falcao spins to knees and works for double leg. Vasilevsky goes for headlock choke, nothing to it. They break apart and Falcao strikes right out of the break, punches partially blocked. Vasilevsky goes for trip and a blatant fence grab allows Falcao to land on top. Russian has a very loose guard and Falcao is doing some damage from top. Good work from the top here by Falco but not enough to balance out the rest of round. 10-9 for Vyachesiav Vailevsky

Round 3

Falcao comes out throwing and Vasilevsky seems content to strike with him. Falcao looking to land a left hook over the jab and now a right hand rocks Vasilevsky. The Russian looks wobbled as Falcao is landing punches and knees in the clinch. Vasilevsky looks really shaky, they are in clinch with Falcao driving forward. Vasilevsky seems to be recovering somewhat, but now at range again the Russian looks slower. Straight left counter lands for Falcao, and Vasilevsky slips another left hand and shoots a double leg. Now Falcao is holding on to a loose half guard. Vasilevsky moves to mount, Falcao reverses to half guard. Falcao working the body from half guard. Falcao not looking to pass, odd considering he is down two round. Falcao now working for a choke, but lets it go quickly. Fighters back to the feet and a big knee to the body shudders Vasilevsky. Russian gets a double leg back to guard. The fight ends, Falcao wins the round but looses the fight. 10-9 for Maiquel Falcao

Unofficial Score Card: Vyacheslav Vasilevsky defeats Maiquel Falcao 29-28

Official Result: Maiquel Falcao defeats Vyacheslav Vasilevsky by Unanimous Decision (29-28)

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