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dudeabides 05-03-2012 02:39 AM

Bellator FC 67: Ben Saunders vs Bryan Baker

ExtremeMan 05-03-2012 10:35 AM

5000 on Ben Saunders

dudeabides 05-04-2012 09:45 PM


R1: Saunders starts out orthodox. Baker attacks with punches to initiate the clinch but can't get the high crotch because of Saunders' underhooks. Saunders gets ballsy and goes for a flying triangle, then transitions beautifully into an omoplata. A set of stiff punches from Baker breaks the hold and they scramble back to the feet; Saunders drops back for a guillotine. Baker defends but quickly finds himself in a tight triangle. Saunders putting on a BJJ clinic and now switching to an armbar.

Baker hangs tough and escapes and starts pounding with Saunders close to the fence. Saunders boots him away with both feet and gets to his feet but goes wide to defend another double-leg attempt. Saunders goes to a knee and reaches over for a kimura and Baker wisely slips around to his back. Baker pulls him back and gets both hooks in as the bell sounds. 10-9 Saunders for the more effective grappling.

R2: Baker opens with a hard low kick. Baker sits down on a a few hard combinations and Saunders laughs it off though they were legit. Saunders drags Baker down from the body lock, Baker is back to his feet and clinching on the fence. Saunders goes for a guillotine and then thwacks Baker with a few knees from the Thai plum when he pops his head out.

Another tall knee to the chin from Saunders from the single collar tie. Baker clinches up to stifle Saunders and hits another takedown. Big hammerfist by Baker. Jimmy Smith claims all strikes from the top are better, which is just false. Baker spiders his way from full guard all the way to side control; Saunders pivots around to put his feet on the fence but isn't close enough to power out. Nice sequence of hammerfists from Baker that steal the round as it ends. 10-9 Baker.

R3: Both men are busy with kicks and punches. Baker bull-rushes into the clinch again and eats a knee for his efforts. Saunders on the fence with the whizzer while Baker throws short knees to the thigh. Baker drops levels for a slow double leg that Saunders defends through wrist control. Baker sneaks in a clever ankle pick to put Saunders down again. Saunders angles for an armbar or triangle, Baker stacks him to slip out. Baker now grinding Saunders into the fence to prevent submission attempts. Saunders angles his hips to attack and Baker uses it to pass, almost takes the back but Saunders is back up.

He's quickly back down however, showing huge power with a massive throw. Saunders says something to the ref, Baker lands strikes, breaks free and slams a spinning back to the prostrate Saunders, then fakes another and tries to sneak around to side control instead. 10-9 Baker clearly. (29-28 Baker on my card.)

One judge sees it 29-28 and the other two have it 30-27 for Bryan Baker, who defeats Ben Saunders by unanimous decision.

Roflcopter 05-04-2012 09:50 PM

Yummy odds.

xxpillowxxjp 05-04-2012 09:57 PM

Wrong section of the forum.

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