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dudeabides 05-03-2012 02:42 AM

Bellator FC 67: Damian Grabowski vs Dave Huckaba

ExtremeMan 05-03-2012 10:32 AM

Gonna be a good match. 1000 on Dave Huckaba

dudeabides 05-04-2012 09:16 PM


R1: Grabowski throws the cheap shot on the glove touch to start classy. Grabowski gets the takedown and Huckaba postures for a kimura, but Grabowski strikes his way free. Grabowski is a little tentative and referee Big Dan Miragliotta stands them up. Grabowski flails on a takedown and takes a couple scoots forward on his butt, but Huckaba is having none of it. Huckaba stuffs another but Grabowski keeps the pressure on and clinches him against the fence and throws knees.

Grabowski shifts gears and hits an outside trip into Huckaba's closed guard, but is once again inactive enough to warrant another restart from Big Dan. Huckaba looking for his left hook, throws a flying knee on the bell. 10-9 Grabowski.

R2: Grabowski can't find a home for a series of lefts. He charges with another set and plows Huckaba into the cage for another clinch exchange. Another short leaping knee from Huckaba that Grabowski avoids. Snuggly-soft low kick by Grabowski, which is more effective than anything Huckaba's doing. Uppercut and left hook from Grabowski doesn't land but sets up his takedown effectively. Huckaba, who is bleeding from a cut, goes to one knee on the fence with Grabowski punching from behind.

Huckaba reverses position but opts to stand rather than dive into Grabowski's guard. Huckaba finally finds the mark with a stiff punch toward the end of the round. 10-9 Grabowski for more effective striking and grappling.

R3: Grabowski switches to traditional stance to start the 3rd, then goes back to southpaw and nails a takedown. Huckaba closes his guard, controls Grabowski's head and tries to land short punches. Grabowski postures up with a flurry but Huckaba pulls him back down and holds on for a referee stand up. Grabowski fails on an immediate takedown and again tries to engage via butt-scoot to the crowd's displeasure. Grabowski falls short on a single leg and eats a stiff right.

Huckaba lands another nice left hook but then disengages. Another left hook and a sprawl by Huckaba. Grabowski is gassed and seriously losing stem. Commentator Jimmy Smith rightfully criticizes Huckaba for his painful hesitation despite Grabowski's decline and being down 2 rounds. 10-10 for neither fighter showing an advantage. (30-28 Grabowski overall.)

All 3 judges see it 29-28 for Damian Grabowski, who defeats Dave Huckaba by unanimous decision.

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