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dudeabides 05-10-2012 02:17 AM

Bellator FC 68: Travis Marx vs Marcos Galvao

dudeabides 05-11-2012 09:53 PM


R1: Galvao comes out countering Marx's punches with left-handed haymakers. Low kick snaps home for Galvao, then counters Marx's responding kick with a big right hand. Marx loses his balance but stands back up for a brief clinch. Galvao with another low kick and counter right. Marx fakes a shot and throws a right to the body. They collide in an exchange and Marx forces Galvao into the fence. Galvao gets double underhooks and spins free.

Galvao cracking left-hook counters with 2 low kicks, then 2 body kicks. Marx lands a chopping inside leg kick, but eats a flurry and a knee for his efforts. Marx clips Galvao with a short right. Now Galvao is stalking Marx and unloading heavy leather. He connects on another hook and Marx clinches up to quell the stream of punches. Elbow to the body from Marx in the over-under clinch. They break, Marx lands a leg kick and Galvao answers with a combination and a kick of his own to close an action-packed 1st round. 10-9 Galvao for more effective striking.

R2: Galvao establishes his power early and backs Marx up with 4-5 heaters. Unintentional cup-kick delivered by Galvao for a slight pause. Marx comes out swinging after the break but can't get the double and resumes the clinch on the cage wall. They trade a series of knees. They disengage and Galvao digs in with another sharp low kick. Now Galvao is grazed below the belt with a kick and restarts after a quick time-out.

Galvao snaps another low kick and times a straight knee when Marx drops levels and attacks. Marx lands a nice combo on the clinch-break. Galvao leg kick again. Marx turns up his output and leads 2-3 exchanges with quick hands. Galvao threatening with the knee to the body to keep Marx guessing. Marx still accelerating with busier punches and another clinch entanglement. Galvao slips loose. Galvao lands with the step-in knee. Right, left and body kick from Marx. 10-9 Marx for the higher volume of effective strikes.

R3: Step-in knee from Galvao is met with a Marx combo. Nice lead right by Marx, who follows with a left low kick. Shovel punch from Marx but he can't get the takedown. Galvao low kick. Marx answers with three. Make it four. Galvao noticeably more complacent. Low kick from Galvao. Marx answers again, then whiffs with a right. Galvao lands his left-counter on Marx's charging combo.

Galvao sticks him with another counter. Jab and low kick from Galvao, who is now turning the tide. More stalking punches from Galvao. They trade low kicks and Galvao's is much harder. Marx times a double and gets Galvao down, and Galvao gives up his back but stands up without issue. Marx pressuring Galvao with knees from the clinch. Low kick from Galvao misses, but his left doesn't. Another Galvao low kick and more punches. Step-in knee and right hands from Galvao, Marx sneaks in a counter. Great fight. 10-9 Galvao, though that was close enough to be 10-10. I have it 29-28 Galvao as we await the official decision.

All 3 judges see it 29-28 for Marcos Galvao, who defeats Travis Marx by unanimous decision.

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