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dudeabides 05-17-2012 01:41 PM

Bellator FC 69: Andreas Spang vs Maiquel Falcao

ExtremeMan 05-18-2012 11:45 AM

1000 on Maiquel Falcao

dudeabides 05-18-2012 10:33 PM


Round 1: Some fairly good trash talk between these two in the pre-fight promos. Intense stares from Falcao everywhere. Spang hamming it up more. Jason Herzog is the referee and we start off. Falcao gets two punches off to Spang's one. Spang working a lunging left jab early. Falcao looking to step in and counter. Spang goes for an overhand rightand misses clean. Falcao still stalking forwards and fires off knees. Spang hits Falcao hard and staggers him back to the cage. Falcao clinches up to recover. Spins Spang to the cage and starts working the cage stall. Knees to the thigh by Falcao and Spang works for underhooks. Falcao takes some knees to the gut ans he keeps the clinch. Spang takes a knee to the nuts but doesn't flinch. Falcao knees to the gut. Spang working head control and an underhook, but still has back to the cage. Falcao takes a knee to the upper thigh and throws a vicious dig to the lower belly of Spang. Falcao has a rear body lock on Spang. Spang covers his head and Falcao wants to punch the face of Spang. Falcao slams Spang to the ground and continues to control him. STill controlling him from behind and trying to stay tight to avoid backwards elbows. Hammerfists from top of turtle for Falcao. Spang crawls to the fence while Falcao stays on top. A knee to the body for Falcao. Spang still on his knee and looking to get up. Falcao punching to the face while keeping the body lock from behind. Another lift and dump to the ground. Spang crawls away and Falcao keeps the body lock. Spang is leaning over trying to keep balance. Falcao punches to the face and keeps the body lock position intact. Spang goes down to a knee and Falcao lands a hard illegal knee to the face and punches away. Spang does down. Herzog steps in right away and stops the fight.

Herzog talking to Spang. Doctor checks him out. One point deduction taken from Falcao.

They square off again. Spang gets an outside leg kick. Misses with a head kick. Falcao clinches up on the fence. Spang working a standing guillotine. Falcao pushes the hips away and tries a sacrifice sweep. Spang scrambles away and Falcao clinches up again. Spang lands a spinning elbow, but Falcao looks fine and dodges all the follow up blows while looking for a counter of his own. 9-9, due to point deduction for Falcao.

Round 2: Range testing for both. Falcao lands nice left straight and backs out. Then comes in again and gets a spin around takedown/trip. Working from top guard. Slithers his way to quarter-guard. Falcao wants to grind Spang down and is staying heavy and tight. Moves into a quasi deep halfguard after a punch to the exposed head of Spang. Falcao working to top of turtle. Spang covers up and takes a hammerfist to the back fo the head. Falcao gets warned and looks to go under the arm. Still on top of turtle. Spang gives up a near-side hook. Falcao staying patient and trying to punch until Spang gives up the second hook. Spang talking to Herzog about punches to the back of the head to no avail. Falcao tries a slide into rear mount, but gets bucked off. Top of turtle again. Spang tries a Diaz-brother style kimura, but Falcao gets out easily and keeps top turtle. Spang trying backwards elbows but takes a nasty punch in return. Spang crawls to the fence and stands, but Falcao still has a rear body lock and throws knees and punches. Then tosses Spang to the ground once more. WOrking from top of turtle. Spang crawls to the cage again and looks to stand. Falcao keeps the body lock and just pushes Spang back down. Falcao punches to the body and avoids the back to the head punches. He's being judicious with the punches. A big move by Falcao to try for something lets Spang back to the feet. Falcao scoops Spang up and dumps him on his back. Spang rolls to trutle and stays there. Falcao controlling him again. 10-9 Falcao for a 19-18 card through two rounds.

Round 3: Outside leg kick is first significant offense and it is done by Falcao. In a mutual exchange Falcao lunges low and gets the double leg. Spang scrambles after a couple seconds, but ends up in turtle position with Falcao behind him and punching away. Falcao switching sides to try and find an exposed head to punch at. Spang doing little. Falcao getting close to the danger zone with back to the head punches Spang crawls to the fence again and covers up. back to the feet with Falcao working a single leg from the clinch. Spang has head control and is trying the standing guillotine. Again the sacrifice throw to get loose from Falcao and the two scramble. Spang again in turtle. Falcao punching away and lads a big knee to the body. Spang looking beaten, but is still covering up his head. Falcao takes a bit of a breather, but goes back to kneeing the body and leg of Spang. A scramble sees Spang try for a leglock, but Falcao hops out and back to turtle with Falcao on top. Falcao punching away and lets Spang back to the cage. More knees to the leg and Falcao lets Spang up. Spang goes back down and tries to stand up again. Back to the feet and they clinch against the fence. Spang tries another guillotine and Falcao rolls forwards to escape. Spang back to the feet and they two break after a sloppy exchange. Falcao backing away and landing an outside leg kick. An exchange sees Falcao get the better and he catches a body kick from Spang and dumps him. Spang tries a reversal from mount and nearly gets it, but they go back to turtle. Spand has quarter guard and covers up from punches as Falcao strikes away. The round ends. 10-9 Falcao for a 29-27 card as I have it. Probably going to be 28-28 on plenty of cards if people gave Spang the first.

Official Decision: Maiquel Falcao by Unanimous Decision.

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