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dudeabides 07-19-2012 02:04 AM

Bellator FC 72: Tim Carpenter vs Travis Wiuff

dudeabides 07-20-2012 10:11 PM


R1: Wiuff doubles up on his jab and scorches Carpenter with 3 streaking right hands. Wiuff pins him on the fence and punches Carpenter's right thigh (?) and Carpenter responds with 2 knees to the Cheerios. The ref spots it and separates them while Wiuff takes a moment to find his waterfall. The ref clarifies that he'll take a point if the infraction recurs before restarting them.

Wiuff wings an overhand right and follows behind it to bowl Carpenter over with a takedown. Carpenter controls the head with his left and throws punches with his right. Wiuff patty-cakes some hammer-fists. Wiuff starts to load up with right hands to the body while shutting down Carpenter's attempts to find angles off his back. Wiuff just breaking Carpenter's control and streaming ineffective hammer-fists for the rest of the round. 10-9 Wiuff for the more effective striking and grappling.

R2: Wiuff barrels out of his corner and nails a power double and proceeds to jam right hands into Carpenter's ribs. Carpenter trying to angle for armbars so Wiuff stuffs his head on the fence to stifle him. Carpenter is warned twice for grabbing the cage. The ref stands them up halfway through the round.

They trade jabs in open space and Wiuff ties up and steers Carpenter back on the fence. Wiuff picks Carpenter up like a newborn babe, carries him across the cage and power slams on the fence. The referee oddly intervenes after just a few seconds of inactivity for an unnecessary stand up. They lock horns again and Wiuff crams Carpenter on the fence. Carpenter drops for a guillotine that isn't there. 10-9 Wiuff.

R3: Wiuff has Carpenter down again quickly. He forces Carpenter against the cage and continues the game of light-hearted strikes while controlling Carpenter's hips. Carpenter attempts a few loose armbars but Wiuff is relentless with control and busy enough to keep the ref from jumping in.

Carpenter does lock up an armbar with a little over a minute left but he's way too low on the arm. The round ends with Wiuff on top doing his thing. 10-9 Wiuff, giving him 30-27 marks on my score card.

All 3 judges agree, making Travis Wiuff the winner over Tim Carpenter by unanimous decision.

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