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dudeabides 08-21-2012 08:57 PM

Bellator FC 73: Luis Nogueira vs Marcos Galvao

dudeabides 08-24-2012 09:25 PM


Well, Marcos just won the best entrance of the night. High, but controlled energy and Shook Ones Pt. II. That's a very, very solid entrance right there. Luis Nogueira comes out with a Brazilian flag and even more energy too.

Round 1: Glove tap and they circle some, while measuring twitches. Gavlao combos up and gets a scoop double against the cage. LN scrambling and Galvao swings around for a knee to the face that is partially blocked. Clinched against the fence with over/unders for both and Galvao pressing forwards. Galvao moves out for a knee to the gut and a beat later, takes one himself. Galvao with a knee to bait LN and tries a leg trip and swing to the mat. Nearly gets it, but back up to the feet. Spinning in the clinch with over/unders for both. Knee for Galvao and one more spin. Galvao tries a leg trip again, but no luck. LN pressing MG against the fence and firing knees to the thigh. They trade and separate. More trading! This is technical, but fun. Accidental knee to the balls by MG to LN. Time out.

They resume and LN circles around looking for an opening. 3 minutes have gone by. LN and MG trade leg kicks. More hunting for openings and footwork displays from LN. MG in the center and gets a savage leg kick and a couple blocked punches. LN tries to fire back and lands a couple good oens. They trade and Galvao gets the better of it. LN clinches up and tries to hunt the back. Awesome lift and slam by LN, but Galvao scrambles up and out to the feet. Leg kicks traded. LN gets a nice punch in between the upraised hands of MG. Galvao being more patient and not coming forwards that much. LN lunges forwards and MG spins out. MG lands a few nice lefts in a trade and LN keeps coming, catches a kick and fires punches. LN tries a double, but is stuffed and they clinch. Round over. Wow. 10-9, Galvao.

Round 2: Hunting for opportunities from both. Galvao tries a lunging jab but misses the evading LN. Oh they trade some wild stuff and only a right hand from Galvao really lands hard. Back to the fast twitching. LN evading by stepping back most times and coming straight in most times. Galvao seems to like stepping to his left and landing something during trades. LN flurries, but is either blocked or misses completely. LN tries a superman punch and takes a couple slapping blows for his trouble. Oooh, thumping leg kick off a blocked punch for LN. Galvao takes a punch to deliver two medium-ish knees to the dome of LN. LN seems unaffected. Left pawing hook and a leg kick for Galvao. LN trying some body leads and lands a nice left counter hook as Galvao tries some more knees. Both trading and landing now and then. MG lands a sweet one two with a left jab adn a right straight. More punches! Big right hands landing hard on LN. A desperate clinch turns into a mount and punches! Galvao setting a mounted triangle and firing unanswered punches! Back given! Galvao punches and elbows LN for the referee stoppage! Some of those elbows looked really dubious, but the commentators are saying 12-6 elbows are legal AND that they were landing to the top of the head and not to the back of the head. I dunno... Marcos Galvao, KO victory, Round 2.

But I'm happy for Marcos Galvao.

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