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dudeabides 11-28-2012 08:04 PM

Bellator FC 82: Lyman Good vs Andrey Koreshkov

dudeabides 11-30-2012 10:04 PM


R1: Good bull rushes with punches but Koreshkov is feisty and stays afoot. Sharp low kick from Koreshkov then a leaping knee. Searing uppercut from Koreshkov; Good counters with stiff 1-2's. Another knee from Koreshkov, then a left elbow over the top when Good clinches up. Body kick lands for Koreshkov. Good goes down but my vision was obstructed by the fence post and I couldn't tell if it was from a strike or not. Regardless, Good's back up and they square off in the center.

Glancing leg kick from Good; Koreshkov sneaks in a long left. Spinning hook kick from Koreshkov is mostly blocked. Good is strangely complacent and might have been hurt by an earlier strike. Koreshkov hoists off another body kick and tries another leaping knee and Good almost catches it for a takedown. 10-9 Koreshkov for the more effective striking.

R2: Good having trouble solving Koreshkov's range attacks and the Russian loads up on more uppercuts. Good charges him and muscles him to the canvas, then jumps on his back and puts both hooks in. Somehow Good loses a hook and it allows Koreshkov to ... almost escape -- Good stays glued to him and is on his back with both hooks in again. Nice escape from Koreshkov and they reset in the center. Koreshkov catches a kick and takes Good down momentarily, but Good just isn't fighting like himself here ... maybe a broken right hand? I'll still give him that round for back control. 10-9 Good.

R3: Koreshkov bobs under a punch and cracks a left hook. Good lands a right low kick but becomes immersed in a Koreshkov flurry immediately after. Strong left hook by Koreshkov again. Good has his head snapped back by another left and is curiously standing right in Koreshkov's wheelhouse. Light left and right land for Good. Good jams Koreshkov spinning kick and takes him down but not for long. Now Koreshkov powers Good into the fence and hits a power double.

Good closes his guard and gets strong head and posture control to freeze Koreshkov. Good is in position to wall walk but either can't or just doesn't and ends the round eating punches on his back. Uncharacteristic showing from the normally beast-like Good. 10-9 Koreshkov for a 29-28 score overall on my card.

All 3 judges have it 29-28 for Andrey Koreshkov, who defeats Lyman Good by unanimous decision.

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