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dudeabides 02-11-2013 11:14 PM

Bellator FC 89: Norman Paraisy vs Brett Cooper

dudeabides 02-14-2013 10:52 PM


R1: They come out swinging: Cooper stays tight with a leg kick and uppercuts, Paraisy reels off straight punches, neither really surpassing the other. Cooper clinches up and nails a double leg but Paraisy scrambles back up to his feet. Cooper walks him down and hurls a right to the body, 2 punches high and then shoots again. Paraisy stuffs it and lands some rough knees to the body. Now Paraisy connects on a fast flurry but Cooper pushes him on the fence to defend.

Cooper gets a low base and slams Paraisy with a serious power double. They trade takedowns: Paraisy first and then Cooper after he escapes, and Cooper closes the frame on top with a few punches. 10-10 for relatively even offense -- Cooper's slam was the type to do damage and Paraisy had the slight edge on the feet.

R2: Cooper hammers Paraisy with a combination that drops him, but Paraisy's recovery is impressive and he's quickly back in the fight. Cooper scores another takedown and fires down much more meaningful ground-and-pound that Paraisy tries to squirm away from. Cooper slams a few left hands to the head and body to discourage Paraisy's escape attempt.

Paraisy finally manages to get back to his feet but Cooper smothers him on the fence and floors him with another double leg shortly after. Paraisy looks for a sweep from deep half guard; Cooper stuffs his head on the fence and bases down. Again, just as Paraisy regains his footing, Cooper lifts him up and dumps him with some serious force. Paraisy perseveres through the beating and actually hits a single leg just as the bell sounds. 10-8 for a one-sided beatdown and almost no offense from Paraisy.

R3: Cooper's confidence is off the charts and he starts the 3rd by bullying Paraisy with a few uppercuts followed by a takedown, and he makes it look easy. After a short spell of ground pummeling, Paraisy gets back to his feet only to be launched upward and crunched into the canvas with another double-leg slam. Mid-level ground strikes follow and then the cycle repeats until the frame closes. Pure domination again. 10-8 Cooper, for a 30-26 his way on my card.

But heaven's no with those icky 10-8 scores! We have to 10-9 score 10-9 everything 10-9. The judges have it 30-27 for Brett Cooper, who defeats Norman Paraisy by unanimous decision.

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