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dudeabides 02-26-2013 02:57 PM

Bellator FC 91: Christian M'Pumbu vs Attila Vegh

OU 02-26-2013 02:59 PM

Newton got screwed vs Vegh.

dudeabides 03-01-2013 12:10 AM


R1: Both southpaws start off tentative. M'Pumbu flicks out a left low kick. The crowd boos 50 seconds in. Vegh uncorks his moster left hand and it backs the champ up. M'Pumbu switches to orthodox and Vegh plugs him with a clipping right hand. Vegh pounces but M'Pumbu manages to turn it into a takedown. Vegh reels off a series of sharp elbows to M'Pumbu's head from his back.

Vegh stays active with his guard and is eventually able to create enough space to stand back up, but it's right into a M'Pumbu guillotine attempt. Vegh hand-fights to loosen the grip and they're back in open space. Vegh charges with a wild 1-2 and leaping knee that M'Pumbu side-steps. M'Pumbu is noticeably light on offense. Vegh bolts forward with another combo and hits a counter hip throw on M'Pumbu's sprawl. 10-9 Vegh for the knockdown, better strikes and using an active, threatening guard.

R2: Rear-leg front kick from M'Pumbu, then an outside low kick. Vegh times M'Pumbu's jab with a series of aggressive combinations while chasing him around the cage. M'Pumbu is unwilling to stay in the pocket and counter when Vegh lets loose. M'Pumbu initiates a clinch 2 minutes in that Vegh patiently shakes out of. M'Pumbu tries to time a duck-under double leg on Vegh's next flurry; he can't get it and interestingly pulls guard.

Spider guard from M'Pumbu with strong wrist control. Vegh backs out and catches M'Pumbu's up-kick and rolls into a kneebar attempt. M'Pumbu calmly defends and ends up on top with 30 seconds left. He gets Vegh's back when he tries to spin out and ends the round fishing for a loose armbar. 10-10 for an even round; neither significantly surpassed the other.

R3: Anticipating M'Pumbu's counter takedown attempt, Vegh throws a leaping uppercut that tags M'Pumbu and puts him on his back. M'Pumbu gets strong wrist control again and swivels for an armbar. Vegh steps over and slips his arm out. Inverted guard now from M'Pumbu, who briefly seeks an inverted triangle but lets it go, regaining full guard in the process.

M'Pumbu telegraphs a triangle attempt that allows Vegh to pass to side control, then mount. He posts a leg in half guard and lands some sharp elbows that slice M'Pumbu open. Vegh slams a right hand to the champ's head and finishes the round strong. 10-9 Vegh for the damaging elbows.

R4: M'Pumbu loosens a couple of short right hands to start the championship rounds. They lock horns and I can't tell if Vegh hits a counter takedown or M'Pumbu pulls guard again. Either way, the champ is eating elbows to the melon but manages to take a knee and stand up. M'Pumbu is on a single leg but Vegh gets a wide stance to defend with the kimura grip.

Vegh counters M'Pumbu's right with his own and then swarms with short cleaving punches that have the champ retreating. M'Pumbu goes for a defensive takedown to slow the pace and they stalemate on the cage. M'Pumbu wings a right hand that misses after referee Jason Herzog restarts them. M'Pumbu again ties Vegh up on the fence and stalls. 10-9 Vegh.

R5: They hug it out to kick off the last round. And the crowd boos it. Big overhand right from M'Pumbu, who needs to kick it in the ass here. He throws an uppercut that Vegh counters with a short right and they clinch up. Vegh throws a right on the break. Vegh scores with a 3-piece combo. Right body kick from M'Pumbu is blocked. Now M'Pumbu comes forward with a nice combo and scores with a right.

Vegh countering M'Pumbu's right with an over-the-top right. M'Pumbu flails badly on a combo and Vegh jumps on the off-balanced fighter with a few chopping rights and a knee from the Thai plum. Vegh holds M'Pumbu on the fence until they're separated again. Vegh circles away until the bell sounds. 10-9 Vegh. I have it 50-46 his way.

The judges score the bout 48-47, 49-46, and 50-45 for Attila Vegh, who defeats Christian M'Pumbu for the Bellator Light-Heavyweight championship.

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