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dudeabides 03-05-2013 07:16 PM

Bellator FC 92: Alexandre Bezerra vs Mike Richman

dudeabides 03-07-2013 10:34 PM


R1: Popo opens with a low kick and shoots a moment later. Richman stuffs it with underhooks but then gets taken down while trying to cinch a front choke. Richman's back up a moment later, then right back down as Popo stays on him with takedowns. Popo stays on a tight half guard then beautifully passes to side control, full mount and takes Richman's back in gradual transitions.

Popo gets the body triangle and alternates between chopping left hands and mata leao attempts; Richman switches from blocking punches to hand-fighting the choke. Richman survives the last 45 seconds in the position. 10-9 Bezerra.

R2: Richman tees off with straight lefts to start the 2nd. Popo weathers the barrage but absorbed plenty. Richman backs off and methodically sights in his left cross, shucking a Popo double leg easily. Richman fires one to the breadbasket that lands but his head kick is blocked. Popo returning fire now despite a bloodied schnaz. Richman snaps Popo's head back with a jab and then dabs him with a 1-2, showing quick hands.

Popo's counter left hook lands but there's not much on it. His body kick slips through. Richman glides right with a shovel punch to the body and comes high with a straight left. Solid re-stabilizing round for "The Marine." 10-9 Richman.

R3: They trade rights and Richman follows up with a tight 1-2-3. Popo scores with a combo in response. Popo busy with his jab and using it to set up his right. He dodges a crisp Richman flurry and changes levels for a deep double leg. Popo baits him by giving up the triangle and then passing to side control. Popo clears Richman's underhook and bases down while throwing short elbows and attacking with the far-side kimura. Richman tries to spin out but Popo takes his back again and locks up the body triangle.

Richman fights off a rear-naked choke and spins into his guard with a minute-thirty left, and stands back up shortly after. Richman lets his hands go and stings with some punches. Richman stuffs a half-hearted takedown attempt and touches Popo up with consecutive flurries. I was just saying I don't score draws that often, but that was basically a minute of even striking, a few minutes of Popo owning on the ground and a few minutes of Richman owning the stand-up. 10-10 for even offense, making for a draw on my card.

29-28 for Popo and the same score twice for Mike Richman, who defeats Alexandre "Popo" Bezerra by split decision.

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